Are these pre-made cabinets solid wood?

All the cabinets we carry in our online are store are completely all-plywood construction. We do not carry any kitchen cabinets that are made of compressed wood.

Do these cabinets come assembled or unassembled?

These cabinets are “ready-to- assemble” cabinets, they are shipped knocked down (un-assembled). Assembled cabinets are also available upon request; separate shipping/freight rates will apply.

How much will my kitchen cabinets cost?

Cabinet prices will vary dramatically in price. The prices of the kitchen cabinets are based on the amount of cabinets you need according to your measurements, the cabinet color/style you pick, and if any special finishes or upgraded storage features are needed.

Are the cabinets finished on the inside?

Yes, all the cabinets we carry are finished on the inside.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Most orders leave our warehouse within 5-7 business days, please allow 14-18 business days for delivery of the cabinets. If a rush order is needed, please send us an email and an extra freight charge will apply.

Do you also sell bathroom vanities online?

Yes, we do sell a lot of bathroom vanities online. All of the vanities are available for immediate shipping unless otherwise noted. Do you sell

Glass tiles or other tiles online?

Yes, we do sell glass tiles online and they are available for immediate shipping.

Do the kitchen cabinets have finished sides?

Yes, all our kitchen cabinets come with finished ends. They do not come with finished back, so if it is being used for an area with exposed back, you would need to order separate panels and/or outside corner moldings to finish the area.

Can i purchase these cabinets without doors?

No, we do not sell the cabinets without doors. If anything custom is needed, our carpenters are highly experience in creating custom cabinets, please call (516)-433-2920 or send an email at chandeep3@hotmail.com

Can i purchase individual cabinets or do you only sell 10 x 10 special sets?

We sell cabinets individually as well as in sets. For purchasing the cabinets individually please visit our kitchen cabinets section.

What material are the kitchen sinks made up of?

All the sinks we carry are made up of stainless steel.

What finished do the faucets come in?

Mostly all the faucets we carry come in brushed nickel and chrome finish, however, some faucets are also available in bronze finish

Can you design my kitchen or bathroom area if i send you the measurements?

Yes, our highly experienced design experts work very hard in order to provide you with the best possible kitchen and bathroom layouts. Initial designing/consultation is available free of cost.

Do you have an actual brick and mortar location that we can physically look at the products you carry?

Yes, our showroom is located in hicksville, new york. For more information, please visit the contact us page

Do you ship to all states in the united states?

We ship to all states in the united states except hawaii and alaska.

Do you ship to canada?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not provide shipping services for canada.

What color/wood finishes do the kitchen cabinets come in?

We carry hundreds of cabinet styles, available in different colors, sizes, and wood finishes.